John Ivulich

CEO and Country ChairATCO Australia

John was appointed Chief Executive Officer of ATCO Australia in October 2023, and Country Chair in March 2023.  He is the first Australian to be appointed to these positions for the global energy infrastructure and logistics company.

As CEO and Country Chair, John has complete business accountability for ATCO’s regulated gas utility business and its renewables, power, clean fuels, and emerging transmission businesses in Australia and all the functions that support them. He is also responsible for developing and executing ATCO’s strategy in Australia and stewarding and representing ATCO’s broad interests with government and regulatory stakeholders across all of ATCO’s lines of business in Australia, including ATCO Structures.

Mr Ivulich joined ATCO as Director, Finance during the acquisition of WA Gas Networks in 2011. His prior experience includes financial and leadership roles in the consulting and corporate sectors in Australia and the U.K. John is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Accounting & Finance from the University of Western Australia and completed the Executive Leadership program at Ivey Business School in Canada. John is also a member of the Institute of Company Directors in Australia and completed an Applied Finance & Investment Diploma with The Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

Natalie O'Malley


Natalie was appointed General Manager of Corporate Affairs and Business Improvement in October 2021, having first joined ATCO in 2016 initially as a Senior Internal Communications Advisor and held subsequent roles with ATCO in customer experience, business improvement and change management.

Natalie brings more than fifteen years of career experience in the utilities and oil and gas sectors in Western Australia, having held various corporate affairs and customer roles with Chevron, Synergy and Western Power.

Picture of Timothy Knill's face.
Timothy Knill

Senior Project Director

“I have dedicated almost two decades of my career addressing the urgent need for action on climate change. I have been privileged to oversee the construction of wind farms and solar farms across Australia. These are a big part of the solution.

However, intermittent generation cannot achieve high levels of penetration into the network without the integration of short and long duration energy storage solutions. For this reason, the CWPH Project will have a massive positive impact on the clean energy transition in NSW. That is why I am so proud of this project.”

Picture of Matthew Livingstone's face.
Matt Livingstone

Financial Controller

“Across the world, countries are taking steps to move towards a carbon-neutral future. I feel privileged to work on ATCO’s renewable energy projects in Australia with the Central West Pumped Hydro Project.

Working with an enthusiastic team to bring a project to life that will benefit the community and the environment, while bringing us closer to our net-zero carbon goals is one of the highlights of my time at ATCO.”

Picture of Kimberly Clew's face.
Kimbalee Clews

Communication & Engagement Manager

"The Central West Pumped Hydro Project is a really important piece of the puzzle to transition our energy system away from fossil fuels. Without storage, wind and solar won’t be enough to meet everyday users' energy needs.

The potential benefits to the local community, the ethos of the Project being about leaving the local area in a better state than it currently is, and the overall positive effect on the fight against climate change are the reasons why I believe so strongly in the CWPH Project."

Picture of Ollie Tridgell's face.
Ollie Tridgell

NEM Energy Policy Manager

"CWPH will do so much more than just keep the lights on.

Every few decades we replace and upgrade our energy infrastructure. This time, however, we have the chance to design big builds like CWPH in a way that leaves more folks better off and no one behind.

They can unlock broad benefits, and be long-term employers, skill builders, community enrichers, and local environmental stewardship sites for flora and fauna. Projects like this will operate for at least 40 years. I'm keen to ensure hubs like CWPH can best serve the local community and consumers over this time."

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