a long history of being a good neighbour

Wherever ATCO is, we work hard to build ties with the communities where we live and work, and to keep them informed about our projects in their area.

Commitment to First Nations Peoples

ATCO has a long history of engaging and partnering with First Nations communities not only in Australia but across the globe. We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to reconciliation by influencing positive change, across our organisation and through our sphere of influence.

We are committed to building relationships with local communities, engaging Indigenous businesses and providing employment opportunities for local people through the Central West Pumped Hydro Project.

community matters

At the very start of planning for the Central West Pumped Hydro Project, we knew that engaging the local communities of Yetholme, Bathurst and the surrounding areas was critically important to give people the opportunity to have input to the Project and have their say.

Engaging with the community is not just something we do in the design stage of the Project, but something we commit to doing across the whole life of the Project, from planning and design, all the way through to construction and operation.

We're Listening

We will listen to what you have to say and encourage you to contact us at any time via centralwesthydro@atco.com, or drop in and see us in person at our office in Bathurst at 1-52 Keppel St.

Our office is open from 9am-5pm, Monday through Thursday. You can also call to speak to an ATCO team member on:
1800 94 74 74.

Email us

We know that not everyone can see us in person or like to send emails, so we have a number of ways we are reaching out to the community to talk to them about the Project.

Our Community Open Days are a great way to hear about the Project and have your say. These are held in Bathurst, Yetholme, and O’Connell, these are held a few times each year to give people the opportunity to come and have a chat with our project team and ask any question they like. Our experts are here to help!  

We send out our community update newsletter through email at regular intervals. The newsletter lets people know what stage of the Project we’re at, what is coming up, how they can participate and any other Project or community news we have. To receive the newsletter updates, sign up today HERE

For those who prefer the online space, the ATCO Australia Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are where you’ll find us! On these channels you will find updates, including what dates upcoming Open Days are on. Feel free to follow us on these for the latest news as it happens.

good neighbours

ATCO has a long history of giving back to the communities where we work. In fact, you can depend on us to be a good neighbour, and to be an active member of the community.

Our annual Communities Fund is focused on contributing to and encouraging groups who are working to make their communities more sustainable and healthy, or who work towards improving the well-being and education of locals in their communities.

Helping CENTRAL WEST Communities grow

We launched the Communities Fund here in the Central West of NSW for the first time in 2021 proudly supporting eight community initiatives that foster healthy, sustainable and prosperous communities.

Since 2018 ATCO have supported almost 60 local community groups and charities. Seeing them grow and thrive while providing essential services to their communities is something that we are very proud of.

DASH Robotics
Coding Project

Raglan Public School, Bathurst – NSW

Improving student engagement in STEM activities across Kindergarten to Year 6.

Targeted at teaching creative problem solving and computational thinking, Dash helps students learn fundamental processes such as programming robots to move, light up, and detect the world around them.

The Dash Robotics program involves all students of all ages in STEM activities.

One Small Change for good - Water Refill Stations

St Philomena's Catholic Primary School, Bathurst - NSW

St Philomena's Catholic Primary School wanted to remove bottled water in the canteen, classrooms and staff room, and the promote healthy lifestyles with refillable water stations located in the playground.

A total of three stations was purchased and situated in the infants and primary playgrounds and general learning area with the grant provided by ATCO’s Communities Fund.

The in-school program has complemented the existing sustainability practices of edible gardens, recycling of paper, cardboard, food waste and containers, educating children on the impacts these containers have on the environment.

Have a voice

Bathurst Pony Club, Bathurst - NSW

The Bathurst Pony Club opened its membership and focus to people of all ages with a disability.

The ATCO Communities Fund grant allowed the Club to purchase headsets and equipment to enable instruction for people who may have restricted ability to hear and see.

Bathurst Pony Club instructors operate in an outdoor environment, which can make instruction difficult to hear. The new headsets not only solved the audio issues but also enhanced the safety of the educational environment.

Thrive Healthy

Thrive Services, Lithgow - NSW

Thrive Services offers programs and support for families through case management, family and children education programs, food and bill relief.

Thrive Services has been supporting families for over 40 years who are living in vulnerable circumstances such as poverty, homelessness and new to parenting.

The Healthy Families program provides nutrition and preparing food on a budget classes for families as well as school holiday cooking activities for client and community families.

Walking Together: Connecting to Country

Boys to the Bush, Bathurst - NSW

Back to the Bush (BttB) believes we can all benefit from improving our cultural awareness and be educated about First Nations past, present and future.

BttB achieves this by highlighting and celebrating First Nations' culture in all of their camps and programs; which are open to all boys in need.

The ATCO Communities Fund has provided support to deliver cultural camps, taking small groups of Indigenous boys out to Country to connect them to cultural practices such as; Welcome to Country, cleansing ceremony, bush cooking, storytelling and First Nations' dance and art.

Healthy Ears

Centacare Bathurst, Bathurst and Lithgow - NSW

Health related issues have been identified as a significant barrier and disadvantaged for Indigenous children.

Early detection and intervention will go a long way to ensuring positive outcomes in all aspects, particularly health and education.

Poor hearing and associated ear health issues are often left undetected resulting in serious disadvantage in relation to speech and language development, learning, socialisation and general wellbeing.

The Healthy Ears project funded by the ATCO Communities Fund focuses on aural health and hearing checks for Indigenous children.

The Yetholme Community Hall Repair Project

Yetholme Progress Association, Bathurst – NSW

The Yetholme Community Hall hosts dances, balls, dinners, luncheons, concerts, craft days, car boot sales, fetes, Australia Day and ANZAC Day commemorations, and a significant number of family funerals, weddings, parties and other community celebrations. However, it was in urgent need of repair.

Yetholme and District Progress Association has used the ATCO Communities Fund to repair damage caused by drainage issues.

Healthy Meals

Veritas House, Bathurst - NSW

Veritas Supported Independent Living Service (SILS) helps prepare and support young people aged 16-17 years’ old who are leaving Out of Home Care to live independently.

Participants are given the opportunity to experience the realities of budgeting, paying rent and bills, shopping for and preparing meals with experienced caseworkers providing help and support.

The ATCO Communities Fund covers the cost for meal preparation for more than 10 house holds for a 12-month period to support a caseworker, once each month, to cook a healthy meal with the young person.

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